COACH is home to various outdoor adventure clubs in Taunton.

Clubs at COACH cater for all individuals with a love for the outdoors and adventure sports. From rowing to biking and orienteering, there is something here for everyone.

Taunton Adventurous Sport Canoe Club, Taunton Rowing Club, Applebees Fitness and Taunton Line Dancing are all based at COACH and invite individuals of all ages and skill level to get in touch should they be interested in participating and joining the respective clubs.

Taunton Adventurous Sport Canoe Club

TASCC, was established in early 2009 in partnership with Tone School Sports Partnership and is based on the River Tone and run from our canoe store situated in Priory Bridge Car Park, Taunton. They’ve grown as a club with a thriving junior section into running coach development for adults/teachers.


Taunton Rowing Club

Taunton Rowing Club are a small club, but one with a growing membership. Their members regularly compete at local and national levels and have been enjoying several wins in 2016. They welcome new members of all abilities and ages.


Taunton Bike Club

Taunton Bike Club are a British Cycling GoRide club based in Taunton that offer a wide range of activities for riders aged 8-16 years. Session to improve cycle skills are held throughout the year – on lit hard court in winter and in fields in summer. Off road rides are held along river and canal paths and along forest trails.


Quantock Orienteers

Qauntock Orienteers is part of the South West Orienteering Association and British Orienteering and has been in existence for over 40 years. They are a small friendly orienteering club with just over 100 members ranging in age from 2 to mid 80s. We have a range of abilities amongst our members, from absolute beginners to ex British Champions.